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[TRANS] 060222 Park Jun Hyung FM Inkigayo - Communicate with your parents

summary: the third of their campaigns. in here, jaejoong plays yoochun's dad and granddad to chun's kids - yunho and changmin. junsu plays chun's wife and mother of his kids

jaejoong: grandfather who recently got a girlfriend
yoochun: father
junsu: mother
yunho: the fierce first born
changmin: the parrot younger brother

060222 Park Jun Hyung FM Inkigayo [Leading a happy life by communicating well with your family]
YH: TVXQ and FM Inkigayo Campaign
TVXQ: Lead a happy life
YC: Yeah~Yeah~Yeah~
JJ: Children’s daddy~
YC: Oh, why? Why are you calling me?
JJ: Ah, I was saying~ This~Wasn’t I dating this old woman from the elderly activities center~
YC: Oh~ I’m a little busy now
JJ: Busy? Why?
YC: Yeah
JJ: Just give me a bit of your time~So, it’s going to be the 100th day anniversary since I started going out with her. Help me think of what to get her~
YC: Ah, we’ll talk later~ Go discuss this with the kid’s mum.
JJ: Hey! You unfilial son
YC: I’m really very busy now~
JJ: Unfilial son, listen carefully to me even if you don’t have time. Anyway, it’s going to be the 100th day anniversary of my girlfriend and I~ Help me think of a present to give her
YC: Ah…Dad! Do I look very free to you?
JJ: YA, you little punk! That was so rude of you~ ^&*&&@ Unfilial son
*Jaejoong hitting Yoochun*
YC: Ah! Dad! Why are you hitting me when I’m already at this age?
JJ: Eh. That’s true. You punk~ You’ve always been such a rude kid~Oh! No manners, no manners
YC: Anyway, dad, don’t be like this~And don’t spend all your money on your girlfriend
JJ: Aigoo~Aigoo~ You punk. What’s the point of me raising you?!Aigoo~ You punk, unfilial son. I thought I was so lonely alone, ah? Didn’t you realize? You punk! When have you ever really listened to me speak? Hmm? When?
JS: Yunho-ah, Changmin-ah~ These kids are misbehaving again. Hubby, please go check on them. I think they’re playing games again
YC: The two of them refused to listen to me when I told them to stop playing. Misbehaving again. Yunho-ah~ Changmin-ah~
YH: What!?!?!
CM: Why did you call us, dad?
YC: Why did you ignore us when we called for you?
YH: That’s why I’m asking why did you call us?
YC: Oh! You punk! How can you be so rude when talking to your father!
CM: What!!
YC: Oh, your younger brother is following in your footsteps
YH: If you’ve got nothing to say, I’m leaving
YC: You punk! What does this mean?
YH: Ah, I was playing my game! Look, dad, you kept talking and I lost because of that!! Get out!!!
CM: Get out!
YC: You! Stop playing with your game. I’m going to turn off the power
YH: Ah~ Why are you doing this!! Don’t do that. Aren’t you going to stop?
CM: Aren’t you going to stop?
YC: What!? You punk! How can you be so rude to your father!
JS: What’s going on? Didn’t I tell you to call the kids? Why aren’t you coming? The porridge is getting cold
YC: How did you raise these two?
JJ: What have you been saying behind my back? Dad, please eat (JS/YH/CM: HAHHHAH)
YC: That’s my line
JJ: Ah, isn’t it mine?
YC: Ah, Dad. Why did you come in when you should be eating outside? This is worrying~Yunho-ah, Yunho’s also….Where did he learn to be so rude?
JJ: From his dad! He is the carbon copy of you when you were young!
YH: Grandfather, have you bought a present for your girlfriend?
JJ: *Sigh*~Your dad and mum aren’t giving me any money, neither are they listening to me
YH: Ah~So there are rude people in our family too~
YH: That’s right, right? Grandfather
JJ: HAHAHAH! Ah, my grandson is still the best! HAHA!
JS: Our son doesn’t talk to his parents, yet communicates pretty well with his grandfather, huh?
YH: That’s because Grandfather pays attention to what I say
CM: Pays attention to what I say
YC: Talk more to your dad, like what do you want and what do you want to do..
YH: Oh~ What is this? When did you start showing concern for me?
YC: I’ve always been concerned about you! Our son
YH: You’re more concerned about my results right? Whether or not I can enter a good university? Even if I’m facing troubles, you only want me to study. You’re only telling me to study everyday! What’s this~
YC: Ah~ That’s because I’m worried about you, sorry
JS: Mum has also been very upset because you don’t talk a lot recently, closing the door to your room the moment you get back. Don’t be like this
CM: Older brother’s only like this because he can’t communicate well with mum and dad
YC: Ah, is that so? Yunho, please try talking more to your parents
YH: The two of you always tell me to study and study, I really hate it~So I can’t really talk to you~ Really
JS: We won’t do this in future. Talk to us, Mum will understand
YH: I want to quit gaming too, but I just can’t. I wanted to talk to you about this but thought I’d only get scolded
JS: Really? We didn’t know, you don’t tell us anything. It’s our fault for not paying attention to you
YC: Yeah~Just tell us how you’re feeling and you’ll feel better. Talk to us more from now on~ in future we’ll..
JJ: Kid’s daddy~ Let me talk okay? I’ve got so many things to say too, children~~~~~~~
YH: This was TVXQ’s campaign with FM Inkigayo
All: [Leading a happy life by communicating well with your family]
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Translated by: Sparkksey


okay. apparently lj is being weird for singaporeans. i am upset. hope this post turns out well ): ): and to f-list, sorry if i'm not commenting on your posts. i can't access the f-list properly D: D: LJ HATES ME D:
and now, i think changmin's voice was extremely amusing in this radio skit, imitating whatever yunho says and all.
something interesting about changmin fashion in kimpo yesterday. HE WAS WEARING FRILLS. HIS JACKET I MEAN. and chun looked cute, as usual
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